Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2015 Recipients

  • Sarah Hallenbeck, English, "Feminine Ingenuity: Women's Rhetorical and Material Invention at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"
  • Cuixian Chen, Yishi Wang, and Antonio Puente, Mathematics and Statistics, and Psychology, "Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis for Military Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Assessment"
  • Jennifer Vanderminden, Sociology and Criminology, "Examining the Complex Relationship between Victimization and Disability During Childhood and Adolescence Using Latent Growth Curve Modeling"
  • Anne-Marie Iselin, Psychology, "To help or harm? Understanding positive and negative social influence among adolescents around the world"
  • Michael Seidman, History, "Atlantic Antifascisms, 1936-1945"
  • Brandi Crowe, Recreation Therapy, "Group Activity through Movement, Exercise and Sports (GAMES) program"
  • Nancy Ahern, School of Nursing, "Educating Parents about Selected Adolescent Risks: A Pilot Study Comparing Two Methods"
  • Alissa Dark-Freudeman, Psychology, "A mindfulness-based stress reduction intervention for institutionalized older adults"
  • Sridhar Varadarajan, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Improving uptake of site-specific DNA damaging agents in breast cancer cells using Ladder Frame Polyethers - a Biotechnology Project"
  • Marta Sanchez, Watson College of Education, "Exploring perspectives on learning and parent involvement among Mexican immigrant parents of K-3 children in the New Latino South"
  • Christopher Halkides, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Synthesis on novel bisubstrate analogs for aspartate semialdehyde dehydrogenase"
  • Victor Malo-Juvera, English, "The Effect of Literary Instruction on Adolescents' Attitude Toward Suicide"
  • Craig Burnet, Public and International Affairs, "Do Nonparticipant Ballots Racialize Candidate Evaluations in Low - Information Elections"
  • Devon Eulie, Environmental Studies, "Cultural and Natural Resource Protection using a Living Shoreline Approach"
  • John Stevens, Foreign Languages and Literatures, "Native Speaker Perception of Voicing Assimilation of Spanish"
  • Penny Sauer, School of Nursing, "Exploration of incivility in nursing students"
  • Andre Silva, Film Studies, "Cyber Genesis Exhibition Funding"
  • Nicholas Hudson, Art and Art History, "Shedding Light on Roman and Late Antique Thrace: New Research from Ignored Data"
  • Andi Steele, Art and Art History, "Twining and Knotting Workshop"
  • Craig Galbraith, Management, "A Computer-aided Textual Analysis of Grant Proposal Presentations and the Prediction of Future Technology Success"
  • Keith Newlin, English, "Jack London's Voyage of the Snark"

Recipients by Fiscal Year