Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2009 Recipients

  • William Alexander, Anthropology, "A Bi-National Assessment of the Disease Burden of Tuberculosis in Mexican Indigenous Migrant Communities in Sonora and Arizona."
  • Brian Arbogast, Biology and Marine Biology, "Conservation of Rainforest Mammals in the Tropical Andes of Ecuador: a Scientific and Educational Approach."
  • Donald Furst, Art and Art History, "New Methods of Maiere Norie Lithographic Printmaking."
  • Judith Gebauer, Information Systems and Operations Management, Functional Forms of Fit: Making the Case for a Two-Sided Perspective."
  • Nicholas Hudson, Art and Art History, "Excavations and Research at Bir Madhkur, Jordan, and Thmuis (Tell Timai) Egypt, Summer 2010."
  • Hee-Sung Lee, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Molecular Dynamics Studies on the Antimicrobial Peptides Interacting with Lipid Membranes."
  • Amelia Moody, Early Childhood and Specialty Education, "The Effects of Electronic Storybooks on the Emergent Literacy Skills of Preschool Children who are At-Risk for Reading Failure."
  • Malena Morling, Creative Writing, "12 Swedish Poets, An Anthology of Swedish Poetry translated into English."
  • Timothy Palmer, Film Studies, "Blacklist Grey: Research Investigations in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and UCLA Archives."
  • Lisa Pollard, History, "Making the Sudanese Mahdi Arab Representing Race and Religion in the Imperial Age."
  • Sonja Pyott, Biology and Marine Biology, "Assessing the role of the Na,K-ATPasea3in age-related hearing loss."
  • Bongkeun Song, Biology and Marine Biology, "Emergence of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Hog Lagoons and Adjacent Watersheds."
  • Alison Taylor and Christopher Finelli, Biology and Marine Biology, "Development of a High Speed Motion Analysis System for Biological Research and Education at UNCW"
  • Candace Thompson (Information Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education), Susan Catapano (Educational Leadership) and Rajni Shankar-Brown (Elementary, Middle Level and Literacy Education), "Reading our Worlds: Utilizing Multidimensional Service Learning to Enrich Literacy Instruction and Learning."
  • Carmelo Tomas, Biology and Marine Biology, "Completion of Study of a New Genus and Species of a Toxic Micro Alga."

Recipients by Fiscal Year