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Tiered Services Offered by SPARC Pre-Award Team

Services Offered Table

* All proposals must be fully routed and approved internally via OSPREY regardless of whether they're timely or after-the-fact.


Dana Brinkley Bell, Pre-Award 


Holt Herndon


Shannon Chalmers


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Full Review

At Least 5 Days

Limited Review

3-4 Days

No Review

2 Days or Less

*Days above indicates the number of business days until sponsor deadline. Note, business days do not include weekend, holidays, or university closures.

Business Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Monday thru Friday. All communication taking place outside these hours will be handled on the next business day.

Sponsor Guideline Analysis & Review of Proposal
Specialist reviews administrative components of your proposal and ensures compliance with sponsor guidelines and RFP.
It is the responsibility of the PI to initiate, complete, and route proposals in OSPREY each time they plan to apply for funding. A proposal in OSPREY should always include all finalized sponsor required application materials in addition to the finalized budget, justification, and scope of work. The assigned sponsored programs officer will review OSPREY to ensure all aspects of the proposal match the application.  
Calculation Checks    
Reviews personnel, travel, equipment, materials/supplies, other direct costs to ensure calculations are accurate.
Salary and Fringe Benefits    
Ensures proper salary and fringe rates applied.
Facilities & Administrative Rate    
Ensures the correct facilities & administrative rate is applied to your project.
Vendor/Subrecipient Check    
If applicable, confirms proper categorization and selection of category. 
Risk Assessment
SPARC’s dynamic and iterative process for identifying and analyzing risks towards achieving the organization’s objectives.

Check Risk to PI, Department, & UNCW

Check Risk to University

* Please see disclaimer below

SPARC is the only authorized office on campus to submit proposals for external funding. The sponsored programs officer will submit your proposal on or before the date it is due once all the above review components are met.

Help Upload Documents, Review Submission Portal

Review Submission Portal

No assistance other than actual submission 

* DISCLAIMER :  It is the PI’s responsibility to provide SPARC with all sponsor and university required documents prior to the sponsor's deadline with a reasonable amount of time for review. The OSPREY proposal should be routed & approved internally by all parties via OSPREY prior to submission to the sponsor.

SPARC reserves the right to withdraw your proposal and/or decline any subsequent award if there are irresolvable issues, including but not limited to, budget discrepancies, issues with cost-share, or an unrouted ("after-the-fact") OSPREY proposal. The financial consequences of such issues are the responsibility of the department/project team.

Also, please keep in mind that proposals submitted without OSPREY routed approval violate best practices, often take longer to set up on the award side, and run the greater risk of being of being declined by reviewers in OSPREY.