Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

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Proposal Development

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance (SPARC) supports your efforts to find, develop and submit proposals for external funding. Please contact SPARC's proposal development team to discuss your idea and planned submission as early as possible (ideally 1 to 3 months prior to the sponsor deadline). This will ensure our team to support you at the fullest.

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Menu of Services

Our menu of services exemplifies a tiered services model offered by the pre-award team dependent on the lead-time offered to our office regarding your proposal deadline. The services offered are consistent with all of the services we have offered in the past, but we delineate based on how many days prior to the deadline our office has to review the documents. We understand last-minute proposals happen, but we want to ensure the submitted proposals are of the highest quality and doing so requires our staff have adequate time to review.

Guidelines and Reminders

  • SPARC is the only entity on campus with the authority to submit funding requests and accept awards for external funding of any kind on behalf of the university (grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, etc.).
  • All proposals will be routed in RAMSeS for approval from department chairs, deans, and higher administration. Here is a RAMSeS tutorial (Firefox or Chrome recommended). For more how-to information, visit our submit a proposal page.
  • At a minimum, we ask that you provide a draft of your proposal and budget at least 1 week (5 business days) prior to the deadline so that we can ensure your proposal is in compliance with university, state and federal regulations. Remember that the more time we have, the more support we can provide you.

Find Funding

UNCW has a contract with InfoED SPIN, a worldwide database of funding opportunities. Contact us with questions about InfoED SPIN, or for help in finding funding generally, by emailing proposals@uncw.edu.

Mentorship and Team Support

SPARC provides workshops to help faculty find funding, learn about the proposal development process, as well as post-award management of grants. SPARC also can connect you with successful PIs for mentoring, collaboration and/or proposal review. Please email proposals@uncw.edu for more information.


OSPREY is open for proposal submission. Please click here for more information on OSPREY. Contact us well before the deadline and a SPARC member will help input your project into OSPREY for you!

Proposal Content Development

  • Proposal development assistance and review
  • Formatting, editing, and style
  • Project management assistance to confirm all parts of a proposal are ready
  • Gathering letters of support
  • Assistance with revisions for resubmission

Budget Development

SPARC helps you identify budget items needed and how to calculate them. SPARC ensures your budget complies with federal, state and university regulations.