Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

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Proposal Development

The office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance (SPARC) supports your efforts to find, develop and submit proposals for external funding. Please contact SPARC's proposal development team to discuss your proposal and planned submission.

In order to best utilize the support services offered by SPARC, you are encouraged to contact us early (1–3 months prior to the deadline). The amount of support you will receive from our office increases with time. At a minimum, we ask that you provide us a draft of your proposal and budget at least 1 week prior to the deadline so that we can ensure your proposal is in compliance with university, state and federal regulations. You will also need to route the proposal in our internal review system, RAMSeS. Here is a RAMSeS Tutorial (use Firefox or Chrome). For more how-to information, visit our Submit a Proposal page.

ALL proposals will be reviewed for compliance prior to being submitted to a sponsor, and SPARC is the only entity on campus with the authority to submit funding requests and accept awards for external funding of any kind (grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, etc.). Many federal sponsors only accept proposals from sponsored programs offices such as SPARC.

SPARC Proposal Development Support

When you have a question about a proposal you are looking to submit, your first contact should be SPARC's proposal development team. If we don't know the answer to your particular question, we will know how to get you the answer. Our primary support focus is helping you interpret sponsor guidelines and develop a proper budget. Here is a list of most of the support SPARC can provide:

  • Find Funding
    • Ask the proposal development team about possible sponsors for your proposal.
    • UNCW has a contract with infoED SPIN, a worldwide database of funding opportunities.
      • Contact us with questions about infoED SPIN.
  • Mentorship and Team Support
    • SPARC provides workshops for grant writing.
    • SPARC connects you with successful PIs for mentoring, collaboration and/or proposal review.
  • Proposal Content Development
    • Proposal review, proposal writing assistance
    • Formatting, editing, style, use of diagrams/figures/charts
    • Project management assistance to confirm all parts of proposal are ready
    • Gathering letters of support
    • Assistance with revisions for resubmission
    • Samples of successful proposals
  • Budget Development
    • SPARC helps you identify budget items needed and how to calculate them.
    • SPARC ensures your budget is in compliance with federal, state and University regulations.
  • RAMSeS Help
    • Accurately filling out RAMSeS is the faculty member's responsibility however SPARC can help.
    • Contact us well before the deadline and we will fill out most of RAMSeS for you!