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Community Engagement Outreach

The UNCW School of Nursing in the College of Health and Human Services has a history of engagement in community outreach and partnerships that promote health in the southeastern North Carolina region and beyond. In the service area, faculty practice, service on community boards and advisory panels, collaborations with county health and social agencies to host health programs and workshops, and consultations with national and international groups (e.g., pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations) have formed the core of service to the community.

Faculty have incorporated applied and service-learning initiatives into most clinical and practicum courses. There is major concentration on creating innovative programs to promote health, prevent disease, and improve the quality of life in vulnerable populations (elderly, adolescents, impoverished families, immigrants, seasonal and migrant farm workers).

Undergraduate and graduate students have traditionally been engaged with faculty in reaching out to meet the needs of underserved and underrepresented populations in rural and urban areas across the southeast region through service, education, and research.

Highlights of some community outreach and partnerships are included for programs such as: Camp Special Time, Camp B.O.N.E.S., Annual Youth Health Summits, and applied and service-learning community programs.

To support the SON's efforts to promote health and prevent disease in underserved and underrepresented populations in rural and urban areas, please visit University Advancement's website for Ways to Give.

For more information about community outreach or partnerships for health, contact Dr. Stephanie D. Smith, at 910-962-4222 or