Sociology and Criminology

Online B.A. in Criminology 

The Department of Sociology and Criminology is pleased to provide the opportunity for students to complete the Bachelor of Arts in Criminology degree online. The online and main campus programs share the same faculty, with online classes including a mix of online and main campus students, leading to an engaging and challenging learning environment. Students in the online criminology program include fully online students, local “online” students who combine traditional and online classes on UNCW’s main campus, students living in North Carolina who also take classes at a NC Community College near their home, and traditional UNCW students who combine online and campus-based courses.

Although not required, students in the online program have typically earned an Associates degree, or similar number of credits, prior to enrolling. Those entering the program with an Associates degree typically complete the degree in less than two years, perhaps quicker with Summer classes. While all courses for the major are available online, students may also combine online classes with classes at a community college near their home, which can help with foreign language courses and another class or two that may not be offered online at the preferred time.

Degree concentrations include Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Public Criminology. The first two are available fully online, the third requiring some seats classes. The UNCW criminology program provides students with a strong social science foundation. Graduates are prepared to directly enter the profession in fields such as corrections, probation and parole, police services or to continue on to graduate school and law school. The rigorous curriculum empowers students with a deep understanding of crime and justice as well as an appreciation of American society and its diversity.

Application Process:

Application to the online criminology program is facilitated through UNCW@Onslow. UNCW admissions staff can assist with any questions about admissions, course transfer, and other initial questions, All decisions about transfer credit are made during the admissions process and students often enroll with the maximum number of transfer credits. UNCW admissions staff can also help with tuition-related questions, but the online program is generally less expensive than the main campus program, plus cost savings related to housing, student fees, etc. 

More about the Degree and Department:

For more information, please contact Dr. Kenneth Mentor Online Program Coordinator at 910.859.3460 or email