Sociology and Criminology


Dr, Kenneth Mentor / UNCW Criminology Online Coordinator / 910-859-3460 /

  • 1998 Ph.D. Social Science, Syracuse University
  • 1991 J.D. Syracuse University
  • 1988 M.A. Psychology, Central Michigan University
  • 1979 B.A. Psychology, Central Michigan University
In addition to teaching a variety of courses, I advise all students enrolled in the department's Extension program. This program serves students at Camp Lejeune, Coastal Carolina, and other community colleges in North Carolina. Prior to UNCW my teaching positions have been in criminal justice, sociology, and/or public administration departments. My presentations and publications have been diverse, including publications related to law, public policy, organizational development, dispute resolution, psychology, criminology, and online learning. The latter has been a primary interest, with numerous papers and presentations during nearly 20 years as an online educator.

Specialty Areas

  • Law and Society
  • Justice in the Media
  • Crime and Public Policy

Professional Associations

  • American Society of Criminology
  • Law and Society Association

Courses Taught

  • CRM/SOC 255 Criminology
  • CRM 310 White Collar Crime
  • CRM 375 Drugs and Crime
  • CRM 380 Criminal Law
  • CRM 381 Criminal Procedure
  • CRM 390 Media, Crime, and Criminal Justice
  • CRM 395 Reefer Madness
  • CRM 405 Criminal Justice Administration
  • CRM 420 Collective Violence
  • CRM 460 Crime and Public Policy
  • CRM 495 Senior Seminar
  • SOC 449 Law and Society

Current Research Interests

  • Criminalization of culture
  • State and corporate control of leisure
  • Vegan Criminology