Sociology and Criminology

faculty graduation


Spring Commencement 2019

Spring 2019 Department Receptions

Department of Sociology & Criminology reception will be held on Saturday May 11th, 2019 @ 1:30 PM
The Warwick Center Ballroom

UNCW Parking

Every year the Sociology and Criminology Department holds our own departmental graduation ceremony in order to give the students an opportunity to celebrate with family, friends, and their classmates and professors in a more intimate setting. This year, like every year we took the time to bid our students goodbye and good luck as they leave UNCW. The following students were recognized for their excellence in achievement for the Fall 2018 Commencement.

Student Awards 
John H Scalf Jr. Outstanding Sociology 
Madara Elizabete Straume
    Sociology Academic Excellence  
Kelsey Elizabeth Blakesley
Criminology Academic Excellence Award
Bryan Michael Gascon
 Criminology Student of the Year 
Callahan Brown
Student Speaker
Mitchell Allen Farrell
Name Reader
  Kenyetta Myosha Corley 

                 Double Majors


1. Anthropology

   † Honors Graduate

2. Criminology 

*** Summa Cum Laude

3. Political Science

  ** Magna Cum Laude

4. Psychology

    * Cum Laude

5. Sociology


Mitchell Allen Farrell
Thesis: Bullying Behavior in Context:
A Macro-Level Analysis of School Bullying

Chair: Dr. Jacob Day 

Brittany Marie Hammond
Thesis: I Feel your Pain:
Empathy, Social Beliefs, and Punitive Attitudes
Chair: Dr. Jacob Day 

Shannon Marie McGuirl
Thesis: Creating Perpetrators from Society's Victims: 
An Exploratory Study of Nations Susceptible to Terrorist Attacks
Chair: Dr. Mike Maume


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 

*Kelsey Elizabeth Blakesley *Molly Carol Roebuck
Carleigh Christy *Madara Elizabete Straume
*Lukas Schwartz Hammond2 Seth Hanson Turner
*Noemie Carinne Inoue2 Catherine Emily Walker
Kara Ashleigh King Jacquelyn Kate Zaney
Joseph Boney McCoy3 Meiraf S Zekaryas 


Bachelor of Arts in Criminology 

Chelsea Renee Aguilar    

Thomas O'Hanlon Evanoff

Taiesha Morgan2

Elizabeth Grace Allen

Brittany Nicole Fant

Deja Moses

Brianna Jordan Batts

**Bryan Michael Gascon**

Stephen Joespeh Pack

Mary Kathryn Bethea 

Hanna Christine George

Andres Felipe Parra Rios

Melissa Marie Blanche

Raven Shianne Glore

Melanie Eileen Pittman

**Callahan Brown

Austin Michael Harding

Cameron Brent Roland

Lauren Ashley Campbell3

Austin Erik Hebeisen

Morgan Sierra Rosbrook

Lamar Ernell Chenault

Lucas Warren Helms

Clarissa Michell Sanchez

Courtney Ann Chinnis

Ross Michael Hogan

Sabrina Ashley Sorg

Grant Joseph Christian

Robert Lawson Hogue

Cherokee Tanner Staley

Nathaniel Cierpial

Stephanie Marie Horan

Lorenza Norris Tate

Ross C Crossgrove 5

**Robert Eugene Johnson

Solana Justine Tellado 1

Isabelle Devita

Sarah Katherine Johnson

Mary Kaydor Thompson

Catherine Dobbs4

Forrest Taylor Kerslake

**Maria Eleanor Vilis4

Daniel Thomas Dove

Christopher Lee Kingston

Deion Wells

Charles Warren Drake

Christian Lee Latham

Bradley Williams

Taylor Lynn Drummond

Bumbi Le

Bryce Davis Williams 

Tymier Drummond

David Hyunho Lee 

**Morgan Wilson

Noemi Duran

Wyatt Andrew McKinney

Hannah Louise Wilt 

Randy Joe Eller

Alex Rodriguez McMillan