Sociology and Criminology

About the Department of Sociology and Criminology

In July 1972, UNCW founded the Department of Sociology, offering a BA in Sociology. Seventeen years later, in 1989, a BA in Criminal Justice was added, with a subsequent name change in 2009 to a BA in Criminology. We have come a long way since those early days and many, many students have received their bachelor's degrees from our department. In 2007, we added an MA in Sociology and Criminology and we are proud to claim many accomplished alumni from our program. In 2022 we will celebrate 50 years of UNCW Sociology and Criminology! It is exciting to think about.

We have a talented and dedicated faculty committed to excellence in scholarship and teaching. One of the strengths in our department is a public sociology and public criminology cluster that focuses on scholarly engagement in the region. The Department of Sociology and Criminology is committed to the mission and vision of the College of Arts and Sciences that focuses on "serving the betterment of the region, state, nation, and world." You will see evidence of this throughout this website as you read the biographies, research and teaching interests of our accomplished faculty, as well as the great work of our undergraduate and graduate students.

Mike Maume, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair