Science, Humanities, and Society Minor

Some past offerings of SHS 210

  • 2016: Politics and Ecology. Dr. Hart
  • 2015:Readings in the Wild. Dr. Hart
  • 2014: Intro to SHS.  Dr. Cahoon
  • 2013: Intro to SHS.  Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Figueroa
  • 2011: Human Impact on Environment.  Dr. Hart, Dr. Melroy
  • 2011: Gender and Masculinity.  Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Roberts
  • 2010: Intro to SHS.  Dr. Hagley, Dr. Gerard
  • 2008: Disease: Truth, Perception and Society.  Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Melroy
  • 2006: Gender and the Body.  Dr. McCarthy
  • 2006: Science, Literature and the Body.  Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Reilly
  • 2004: Science, Sexual Orientation, & Society. Dr. Chandler, Dr. McCarthy
  • 2003: Bearing Our Wounds:Gendered Images of Health and Illness in Art, Literature, and Film.  Dr. Bechtel, Dr. Reilly
  • 2003: The Mind and the Body. Dr. Melroy, Dr. Berg
  • 2002: Scientists and their Writing. Dr. Melroy, Dr. McCarthy
  • 2001: Nature vs Nurture: Alcoholism, Criminal Behavior, Sexual Orientation. Dr TenHuisen, Dr. McCarthy