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Tobacco Free Colleges


Why are tobacco-free policies important? Young adults have the highest rates of tobacco use. To counter this, students are banding together to change the acceptance of tobacco use on college campuses across NC. The NC Tobacco-Free Colleges Initiative is funded by the NC Department of Public Health to prevent tobacco use and promote cessation among college students. Regional coordinators partner with campuses in coalition building, policy advocacy and grassroots activities to create change. To date, over half of all community colleges and a growing number of other universities and colleges are 100% tobacco-free, making North Carolina a national leader in policy adoption.
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Available Services:

  • Assist participating campuses in development, implementation, and enforcement of campus tobacco policy
  • Establish collaborative relationships between campuses and the community to increase tobacco cessation among 18-24 year olds
  • Serve as a regional consultant regarding NC State Law, community and campus tobacco policies
  • Assist participating campuses in establishing a campus tobacco coalistion/wellness committee to address campus tobacco policy
  • Assist regional campuses in gathering, analyzing and reporting assessment data related to tobacco use and attitudes toward tobacco policy


Quitline is a great free confidential resource for faculty and staff looking to
"kick the habit."

TFC Staff:


Mr. Geoff Zuckerman - TFC Coordinator


Dr. Kerry Whipple - TFC Principal Investigator



Ms. Sarah White - TFC Grant Funds Coordinator