School of Health and Applied Human Sciences

PED 101 Physical Activity and Wellness

Online Course Delivery Information

Is the Online Course delivery format right for you?

  • The Online PED 101 format is for Extension students only. The only exception to this requirement is a non-traditional student with a unique need for this format and with course completion required in order to graduate on time. In order for such requests to be considered, documentation from the student's academic advisor verifying the graduation implications must be emailed to the PED 101 Coordinator.
  • In addition to being an extension student, the following knowledge, practices and learner characteristics are instrumental in facilitating success with the online delivery format.
  • self-directed learner
  • enjoys the use of technology and engaging in online interactions
  • comprehends information well from reading, writing, and listening/viewing online lectures
  • self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • currently applies useful, successful time management skills

Online Course Delivery Information & Expectations

  • Online PED 101 is designed with asynchronous online activities focused on reading, discussing, and viewing health/wellness content.
  • The lectures and quizzes will be online to view/take as designated in the course schedule.
  • Students are expected to have daily Internet access to access course content, check Blackboard and personal UNCW email address daily for updated information.
  • Students will complete assignments online. They will include the following:
    • online surveys and self-assessments
    • setting short- and long-term multidimensional goals to develop a personal wellness plan
    • performing and reflecting on new wellness activities in each dimension
    • logging cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility activities (as outlined below)
    • developing a lifetime wellness plan
    • participating in online discussion boards

Required Individual Physical Activity

  • Students in this, self-directed online lab section are required to independently participate in cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility activities, while maintaining daily/weekly activity logs and reflective journals. Students are required to meet the minimum national physical activity and health guidelines outline below, which includes a specific number of days/week (frequency) and minutes/day (duration) for each type of activity. Students can, however, choose the specific type (and maximum amount) of physical activity to perform for each (depending upon personal health/fitness levels, goals, and activities of enjoyment):

Summary of Required Physical Activity Weekly Minimums Based on National Health Guidelines


resistance (muscle-strength)



3 days spread throughout week

2 non-consecutive days/week

3 days/week
(on cardio &/or resistance days)


RPE 5-6 = moderate

RPE 7-8 = vigorous

Lift to fatigue

[~55-75% of 1 repetition max (RM)]

10% beyond normal range of motion
[slight discomfort, but no pain]


150 min moderate/week
or 75 min vigorous,
or 100 min combination
(>10-minute bouts)

1 set of 8-12 reps

3-4 reps per stretch
maintain static hold 10-30 sec/stretch

(>10-minute bouts)



8-10 resistance exercises
(all major muscle groups)

8-10 static, dynamic, PNF, &/or ballistic stretches
(all major muscle groups)