Student practices training on athlete

Program Requirements

Core Requirements

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    Athletic Training core course requirements table
    Course Prefixes Credit Hour Course Description
    BIO 240 (4)

    Human Anatomy and Physiology I

    BIO 241 (4)

    Human Anatomy and Physiology II

    CSC 105 (3)

    Introduction to Computing and Computer Applications (computer comp.)

    ATR 211 (3)

    Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries and lab

    ATR 292 (3)

    Functional & Structural Kinesiology

    ATR 300 (1 - 6)

    Seminar with Allied Health Care Professionals

    ATR 302 (3)

    Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training and lab

    ATR 303 (3)

    Therapeutic Rehabilitation in Athletic Training and lab

    ATR 304 (3)

    Evaluation of Athletic Injuries I and lab

    ATR 305 (3)

    Evaluation of Athletic Injuries II and lab

    ATR 306 (3)

    Clinical I in Athletic Training (fulfill oral com.)

    ATR 307 (3)

    Clinical II in Athletic Training

    EXS 349 (4)

    Physiology of Exercise and Sport

    ATR 445 (3)

    Organization in Administration in Athletic Training

    ATR 448 (3)

    Clinical III in Athletic Training

    ATR 449 (3)

    Clinical IV in Athletic Training

    ATR 450 (3)

    Pharmacology for Health Sciences

    HEA 465 (3)

    Exercise Performance and Nutrition

    ATR 490 (3)

    Clinical V in Athletic Training

Oral Communication Competency Requirement

To satisfy the oral communication competency requirement for the B.A. degree in athletic training, a student must successfully complete ATR 306.

Computer Competency Requirement

To satisfy the computer competency requirement for the B.A. Degree in athletic training, a student must successfully complete CSC 105.

Other Program Requirements & Information

It is required that all pre-athletic training students prior to being admitted to the athletic training education program receive a physical examination. Admission to the program is subject to successful completion of the physical examination. Students admitted to the program must also demonstrate proof of current immunizations including tetanus and hepatitis B vaccinations. Those students who choose not to receive the hepatitis B series must have a signed waiver on file with the athletic training program director. Additional costs, once the student has been formally admitted into the AT program, to the student will be the purchase of Student Liability Insurance, Criminal Background Check and two shirts per year that are to be worn during the athletic training student’s clinical rotations.