School of Health and Applied Human Sciences

Master of Science in Applied Gerontology

The program requires 36 semester hours. Graduate courses in gerontology focus on the seminar method of teaching and learning. Students will be required to do literature searches, to gain information from journals as well as some textbooks, and bring their findings to class to share with other students and the faculty. Although some courses will involve lecture presentations, students must be self-directed in their studies and seek information appropriately. Service-learning opportunities are also part of the curriculum. Each student will complete a gerontology practicum.

Core requirements: The following 21 semester hours of core courses are required:

  • GRN 501 Aging and Society (3)
  • GRN 503 Applied Research in Gerontology (3)
  • GRN 523 Physiology of Aging (3)
  • GRN 540 Current Issues in Gerontology (3)
  • GRN 590 Practicum in Gerontology (6)
  • PSY 524 Psychology of Aging (3)

Each student must also complete nine (9) credit hours of approved electives. The last six (6) hours of the program are devoted to a student's final applied project. Each student must complete GRN 597 Final Project Proposal Preparation (3) and GRN 598, Final Project (3).

Course Descriptions (PDF)

GRN 598 Final Project Instruction Document (PDF)


The University of North Carolina at Wilmington offers an interdisciplinary minor in Gerontology which focuses on the study of the aged and the aging process. The minor is designed for students with a general interest in aging or who may be considering a career which involves working with the elderly. Course work encourages students to obtain field experience in local agencies concerned with older adults. GRN Minor Courses GRN Minor Requirements (PDF)

The gerontology minor provides students with a background for administrative, supervisory, and professional service careers in aging and closely related fields such as the following:

Health Services Recreation Nutrition Retirement Planners Adult Education