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Academic Mentoring

I had a great mentor who was very beneficial to my overall academic progress.
I learned a lot from these sessions and have become a better student from them!


AMP is a referral program. Students who participate in AMP have been referred to the program by their advising office. These students are sometimes required to participate. If you have questions about whether or not you are required to participate in AMP, you should contact your advisor.

You take the LASSI because your results offer guidance to both you and your peer mentor as you collaborate on strategies for improving your academic performance. Specifically, the LASSI measures your use of strategies and attitude towards ten areas related to academic success: anxiety, attitude, concentration, information processing, motivation, selecting main ideas, self-testing, testing strategies, time management, and using academic resources. Find out more about the LASSI.

Enrollment in AMP is "first come, first served," which means that the sooner you complete the LASSI and the aforementioned availability form, the sooner you can begin the program. However, the office that referred you to AMP may have a specific deadline in mind. Check with your advisor about this deadline.

If you have additional questions regarding AMP, please contact Nick Crawford, Assistant Director for Mentoring, Tutoring, & Assessment.

Contact Us

Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sunday, 2 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Services are only available during Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, when on-campus classes are in session; limited hours during exams