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Course Semester Offered Language of Instruction
Cours de Civilisation de la Sorbonne for Fall 2024 and ILCF - Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises from Spring 2025 and Beyond (6 Credit Hours, Required for All Participants) Fall and Spring French

Enagement in Paris (3 Credit Hours Required for All Participants) Students will choose from one of 4 options:

A - Sustainable Urbanism

B - The French Educational System

C - Service Learning

D - Urban Agriculture

Fall and Spring French and English
Elective Course Options
Cultural History of Paris Fall French
Les et la Nature Fall  French
Écriture Créative et Actualité de L’art Fall and Spring French
Sustainable Development: Parisian Solutions to Global Issues Fall and Spring English
The European Union Today Fall and Spring English
Paris Communautes: Quartiers et Migrations a Paris Spring French
Le Romantisme: Arts, Musique et Litterature Spring French