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Computers & Devices

Before purchasing a computer, we recommend checking with your program's department for specific recommendations. If you’re bringing an older computer to campus, please ensure it meets the following minimum requirements:


  • Windows 10 or 11
  • 11th Gen Intel i5 processor (or greater) or AMD Ryzen 5 Series
  • 16 GB of RAM (or greater)
  • At least 256 GB SSD (NVMe recommended) (or larger)


  • macOS: Ventura 13.X

Please note that using a system older than these specifications is not recommended.

Purchasing through the University's Apple and Dell store will provide you with educational discounts and it also will allow UNCW to receive vendor rebates back from your purchase.


While this equipment is no longer classified as a fixed asset, the university's policy requiring departmental responsibility for equipment still applies.

Computer transfer or surplus requests must be completed to record the movement of computers/servers with a cost of less than $5000 to a new location, department, division, or surplus status. This information will be used to generate SSRS reports for budget managers. The reports are for departmental use when conducting equipment inventories, which are, at times, determined by each respective department.

Surplus requests for all computers, regardless of purchase price, require a computer transfer request.

ITS will enter a computer transfer request for lifecycle computers, which must be approved by the department receiving the computer. If the lifecycle computer transfer is not approved by the receiving department, computer transfer forms for lifecycle computers will be automatically transferred by the system after the log-in identification is confirmed by the Computrace tracking system.

Computers and Servers ($5000 or More)

Fixed Assets (Business Affairs) will continue to track this equipment. In these cases, the Computer Transfer form should not be used. Please contact Fixed Assets for information regarding the paper Movable Equipment Form used to transfer this equipment.

Apple iPads

Apple Computers and iPads must be purchased via the Apple uShop punchout catalog. Please reference the UNCW Purchasing Guide to Procurement for additional information.

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