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Academic Research Computing (ARC)

ARC Services

UNCW has partnered with NC State University to gain access to NCSU’s HPC cluster. Any researcher is eligible to submit jobs to the cluster. It will be queued and run when cycles are available. Researchers can also purchase compatible equipment and have it installed in the cluster for priority access.

UNCW has developed a research-focused cloud tenant in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Gain access to your private sandbox to deploy any AWS resource you require. Billing is handled centrally through ITS, and you will be charged monthly for what you consume. Charges are applied to the fund you supply (grant, departmental, etc.).

Place your server(s) in the data center for added security, power redundancy, and to offload management responsibilities. ITS will maintain patching of the system and work with you to keep the system on current and support software platforms.

Store larger datasets in local or cloud storage for centralized access and protection. ITS will consult with you to determine the best use case for your data and suggest the right solution to meet your needs.

Collaborate with students, colleagues on campus, or partners across the world. Work with ITS to ensure access to your data is secure, compliant with grant requirements, and available to only the correct people.

Host your application on virtual servers in the data center. Great for dev/ops, proofs of concept, and classroom instruction. Focus on the application while ITS manages the underlying resources for you.

Research teams can have SharePoint sites set up for their groups and/or projects. Teams can centralize their documents and manage permissions themselves. They have access to wikis and blogs and can set up group calendars and tasks. They can also connect to meeting workspaces which provide a collection of agendas, documents, calendars, tasks, decisions and other meeting-related information. Finally, SharePoint allows research teams to have access to their information anywhere in the world without requiring VPN access.

The only catch is that SharePoint is only available to UNCW faculty, staff and students. The environment is not currently configured to allow access to researchers from other institutions.

Offload workstation analysis with a private virtual system. Shift workloads to a dedicated system and free up your workstation for day-to-day activities.

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