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EMS Schedulers


EMS is the system of record for scheduling efforts of the campus. The EMS Desktop software is utilized by space and service schedulers, which allows them to process requests, manage reservations, schedule services and staffing, generate reports, manage resources, and more. EMS also powers the Campus Reservation System.

CRS is the online website where the campus community can submit space and service requests, browse for availability or browse events. These requests are submitted through CRS and then reviewed and processed through the EMS Desktop by space and service schedulers.

Campus space schedulers and service providers are able to access the EMS Desktop software. If you do not currently have a user account, Complete the request form.

If you already have an EMS Desktop user account, you may access it by installing the Download and Install the EMS Desktop Client onto your computer or access EMS via Horizon. If you are asked to enter a URL, just paste this

Please note that EMS software cannot be installed on any Mac computers. If you use a Mac computer, you must use Horizon to access the EMS Desktop.

Complete the request form.

EMS provides the tools for the seamless management of the full event cycle in one system. It offers schedulers a platform for reserving space, scheduling personnel, communication with both customers and your scheduling team, billing/invoicing, reporting, automated notifications, and much more.

Whether you are considering options for managing one space or an existing EMS user is interested in expanding their use and further leveraging of the EMS tools, contact us to explore what EMS can do for you.

The UNCW faculty/staff contacts and customers in EMS are generated directly from Banner. If you are searching for a specific faculty or staff member in EMS, you can also check the UNCW directory to determine with which department they are associated.

Student organizations and external organizations are manually added and managed by Conferences, Events, & Reservations. If you have a student organization or external customer/contact that is not listed in EMS, contact us to request any additions.

If your EMS Desktop freezes and does not allow any action, it is likely that there is a pop-up window from EMS that is not visible on your screen. To fix this, close EMS and log back in a new EMS window. Find and select "Reset Window Coordinates" from the "Settings" tab at the top.