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Receiving My Refund

How to Setup E-Refund

Watch this helpful video on how to set up your e-Refund.

Students without an e-Refund direct deposit profile will receive a printed check available to pick up in the Cashier’s Office with photo ID 5 to 10 business days from the date the refund shows posted to the student account.

Students will be notified via UNCW e-mail that their paper check is available to pick up at the Cashiers Office Monday - Friday between 9 a.m.– 4 p.m.

If the student fails to pick up their refund check within one week it will be mailed to the primary mailing address on file for the student at the time the check was created.

To avoid the possibility of the check being lost in the mail, students are urged to make sure their primary address is updated regularly via SeaNet.

Please allow 21 days from the date of mailing to receive the check. If it has been past the 21 days, see the Lost Check section on the website.

Allow at least a minimum of 21 days from the date of mailing to receive the check, this allows enough time for the check to route through the postal system and either be returned or forwarded.

If you have not received the paper check at this point students can contact the UNCW Student Accounts Office at (910) 962-4281 in order to request to have a replacement check issued.

Students must submit a request for an Affidavit and Indemnity Bond, which must be notarized prior to processing a replacement. The completed, notarized form may be mailed to Student Accounts Office attention. Once we have received the affidavit form, we will void the check and the student account will be updated.

The credit from the voided check will first apply towards any outstanding charges due towards the student account. If this action results in a new credit the refund will be processed in the next refund cycle.