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Title IV

Financial aid is automatically applied to the student bill each semester toward charges for tuition/fees, housing, and meal plans. Aid may also be used to pay for up to $200 in prior term charges if they exist.

Note: Federal aid does not automatically cover additional costs beyond tuition, room, and board. Students can complete a Title IV (Financial Aid) Authorization form on mySeaport if they want to allow their aid to be applied to other charges like parking permits, bookstore bucks, student health insurance, and other fines/charges. Aid may also be given to pay for up to $200 in prior term charges with authorization. If authorization is not given, these charges will need to be paid out-of-pocket.

In some cases, students may find that their financial aid package is greater than their total charges. In this case, the student can expect to receive a refund that they can use to pay for other expenses during the semester. More information about refunds can be found in the Refunds section.

For additional information about Financial Aid and Repayment of Loans please visit their website.

Follow the instructions below or watch the helpful video, to submit a Title IV Authorization form.

  1. Log into MySeaport
  2. Select “Students” Tab
  3. Scroll down to "Scholarships & Financial Aid" Section
  4. Choose “Financial Aid”
  5. Select the appropriate aid year (e.g. 2024-25 Aid Year).
  6. Click the “Resources” Heading
  7. Answer the two questions
  8. Select “Submit”