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All active memberships expire on June 30 each year. To take part in OLLI programs, you must purchase a semester ($30) or academic year ($50) membership. You can do this prior to registration (starting July 1) or when you register for classes. Begin by logging in to our registration system.

If you are renewing your membership, your log-in credentials remain the same. You may opt to reset them on the log-in page by clicking Forgot your username? or Forgot your password? If your email address is not in the system, sign in as a new member by creating a student profile. 

If you are a new member, start by creating a new student profile. 

Registration opens about two weeks before the semester starts. It remains open throughout the semester. We strongly advise you to register for programs online

If you are a returning member, the first step is to log in.

If you are a new member, the first step is to create a student profile, then log in.

If you don't remember your log-in credentials, it is best to reset them before registration day. Go to the log-in page and click Forgot your username? or Forgot your password? Write down your new username and password and keep them handy for when you are ready to sign up for classes.

Now you are ready to browse classes by category and add them to your cart!

If a class has reached its capacity, we encourage you to join the wait list. 

If someone cancels their registration, we fill the spot from the wait list. 

We also use wait lists to create additional sessions of a popular class in some cases.

A long wait list indicates that a class is in high demand. We use this information to plan for future semesters. 

Registration remains open throughout the semester. However, you cannot register for a class on the day it starts or after it has begun.

If a class has reached capacity, you cannot register for it, but you should join the wait list. 

We strongly recommend selecting the student profile (single user) when you purchase your membership, even when two members of a household are joining. This allows both individuals to receive communications from OLLI (cancellations, instructor emails, reading material, etc.) through the email account listed in the profile.

The household profile only allows for one e-mail account. This means that only one individual can receive email communications from OLLI. 


Online registration is the best way to ensure your place in the program of your choice. 

We have a small staff and only one official registrar. If you call the registrar on the day registration opens, you will be prompted to leave a voicemail. Your registration will be delayed until your call is processed, perhaps several days later. In the meantime, the class of your choice may reach capacity.