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Course Schedule

Start Date End Date Days Times (all ET) Early Registration* Regular Registration
08/06/24 08/29/24 Tues, Thurs 7 - 10 PM $649 $749 Enroll Now
09/04/24 09/30/24 Mon, Wed 7 - 10 PM $649 $749 Enroll Now
10/17/24 11/12/24 Tues, Thurs 8 - 11 PM $649 $749 Enroll Now
12/09/24 12/19/24 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 7 - 10 PM $649 $749 Enroll Now

*Early Bird Registration ends at midnight EST 10 days before class date.

Session Information

  • Solution strategies for both quantitative comparison and multiple-choice problems
  • Techniques for breaking complex word problems into small, manageable parts
  • Tips for turning geometric diagrams into solvable equations
  • Review of the math concepts frequently tested on the exam
  • Solving problems when you don’t know all the vocabulary
  • Answering reading comprehension questions quickly, without reading the entire passage
  • Using comparison-and-contrast clues to solve sentence completion problems
  • Solving “Multiple Right Answer” questions
  • Utilizing the process of elimination
  • Mastering time-management skills
  • Minimizing test anxiety
  • Identifying common distractors
  • Outlining strategies for the analytical writing section
I truly don't think I would have passed the exam without your class. You were very supportive and provided many insightful tips for strategies on taking the exam. I am extremely satisfied with my results and I know the course was worth every penny.