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Title Author ISBN Number
A Guy's Guide to Feminism Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel 978-1-58005-362-4
A History of U.S. Feminists Rory Dicker 978-1-58005-234-4
A Little F'd Up: Why Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word Julie Zeilinger 978-1-58005-371-6
Academic Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family Kelly Ward and Lisa Wolf-Wendel 978-0-81355-385-6
Bad Feminist: Essays Roxane Gay 978-0-06228-271-2
Bridging Cultures: International Women Faculty Transforming the U.S. Academy Sarah R. Robbins, Sabine H. Smith, and Federica Santini 978-0-76185-495-1
Brown Girl Dreaming Jacqueline Woodson 978-0-39925-251-8
Challenges of the Faculty Career for Women: Success & Sacrifice Maike Ingrid Philipsen 978-0-47025-700-5
Everyday Sexism Laura Bates 978-1-47114-920-7
Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive Julia Serano 978-1-58005-504-8
Faculty Incivility: The Rise of the Academic Bully Culture and What to Do About It Darla J. Twale and Barbara M DeLuca 978-0-47019-466-0
Full Frontal Feminism Jessica Valenti 978-1-58005-561-1
Gender and Global Justice Alison M. Jaggar 978-0-74566-377-7
Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science - and the World Rachel Swaby 978-0-55344-679-1
How To Be a Woman Caitlin Moran 978-0-06212-429-6
Intersectionality: A Foundations and Frontiers Reader Patrick R. Grazanka 978-0-81334-908-4
Missoula: Rape and The Justice System in a College Town Jon Krakauer 978-0-38553-873-2
More Than Title IX Katherine Hanson, Vivian Guilfoy and Sarita Pillai 978-0-74256-640-8
No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women Estelle B. Freedman 978-0-34545-053-1
Our Bodies, Ourselves The Boston Women's Health Book Collective 978-1-43919-066-1
Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work Melissa Gira Grant 978-1-78168-323-1
Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights Katha Pollitt 978-0-31262-054-7
Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Her Daughter Mary Shelley Charlotte Gordon 978-1-40006-842-5
Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not to Have Kids Meghan Daum 978-1-25005-293-3
Sex Workers Unite: A History of the Movement from Stonewall to Slutwalk Melinda Chateauvert 978-0-80706-123-7
Sisters In Spirit: Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Influence on Early American Feminists Sally Roesch Wagner 978-1-57067-121-4
Spinster: Making a Live of One's Own Kate Bolick 978-0-38534-713-6
Straightlaced: How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up Curriculum and Resource Guide Amy Scharf
The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help Jackson Katz 978-1-40220-401-2
The Purity Myth: How America's Obsessions with Virginity is Hurting Young Women Jessica Valenti 978-1-58005-314-3
The Secret History of Wonder Woman Jill Lepore 978-0-38535-404-2
The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook: A Guide to Gender Sam Killermann 978-0-98976-020-1
The Transgender Studies Reader 2 Susan Stryker and Aren Z. Aizura 978-0-41551-773-7
Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Ann Russo, and Lourdes Torres 978-0-25320-632-4
Transforming a Rape Culture: Revised Edition Emilie Buchwald, Pamela R. Fletcher, and Martha Roth 978-1-57131-269-3
Transgender History Susan Stryker 978-1-58005-224-5
We Should All Be Feminists Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 978-1-10191-176-1
What Women Want: An Agenda for the Women's Movement Deborah L. Rhode 978-0-19934-827-5
Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media Susan J. Douglas 978-0-81292-530-0
Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti 978-1-58005-257-3


Title Year Format Producer
After Tiller 2013 DVD Oscilloscope Laboratories
An English Ladymass: Medieval Chant and Polyphony 1992 CD Anonymous 4
Breaking the Silence DVD Kristin O'Neil & Kayce Wilson
Crazy Derby Love DVD Women Make Movies
Demand DVD Shared Hope International
Demand Report DVD Shared Hope International
Endgame: Aids in Black America 2012 DVD Renata Simone Productions, Inc.
For a Place Under the Heavens DVD Women Make Movies
Girl Rising: One Girl with Courage is a Revolution 2012 DVD Girl Rising and Intel Corp
Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide 2012 DVD A Show of Force and Fugitive Films
How You Can Get the Help You Need DVD The Domestic Violence Shelter & Services, Legal Aid of North Carolina and the New Hanover and Pender County District Attorney's Office
Killing Us Softly 4 Advertising's Image of Women 2011 DVD Media Education Foundation
Makers: Women Who Make America 2013 DVD Kunhardt McGee Productions
Miss Representation 2011 DVD Roco Films Educational
Pray the Devil Back to Hell 2008 DVD Roco Films Educational
Reel Girls 2008 CD
Sex + Money: A National Search for Human Worth DVD Lot 3 Productions
Sexual Trafficking: Breaking the Crisis of Silence CD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies, & Alcohol DVD Media Education Foundation
Sporting Chance: The Lasting Legacy of Title IX 2012 DVD NCAA and Creative Street Entertainment
Straightlaced: How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up DVD GroundSpark Production
The Chicago Maternity Center Story 2011 DVD Kartemquin Films
The Education of Shelby Knox: Sex, Lies, & Education DVD Marion Lipschutz & Rose Rosenblatt
Vietnam Nurses 2007 DVD Creative Street Media Group
Women Are Researchers DVD U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Women Scientists with Disabilities DVD U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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