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Study Abroad with Women’s and Gender Studies

Recommended Programs

Maynooth University (Ireland) Summer Program

Women, Gender and Society: This class introduces students to historical, sociological, geographical and political perspectives on women and gender, and to contemporary debates about gender and society. Students will learn about the main trends in gender inequality on a global scale.

AIFS Florence, Italy Semester Program

Women in Italian Society: This course explores the social factors influencing Italian women’s lives, perspectives and desires, the historical process through which they have reached their present position, and their current condition in relation to the economic, social, geographical and political environment of Italy.

Representations of women in the Italian media, advertising and fashion as factors affecting their social identity are also considered.

Prerequisites: GEP 4180 Research and Writing 2

USAC Spain: Spanish Language, European a& Women’s/Gender Studies in Alicante

Gender and Health: This course examines gender as it applies to health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Discussions focus on a holistic approach to how gender impacts health for men and women at all phases of their lives.

The course explores the social and cultural dimensions of the gendered nature of health care systems, practitioners and patients, with special focus on the country in which it will be taught.

Language, Ideology and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective: This course explores the linguistic construction of gender (masculine and feminine) and its relationship with ideology and society in order to deconstruct patterns of gender discrimination and examples of sexist language.

Students will do some readings and will answer some questions in order to develop their critical thinking and to learn about the topic by reading some bibliographical references. We will explore examples of language in general and of visual language in particular from a variety of texts and contexts.

To supplement publish research, students will reflect on their ideology on gender and consider it from a cross-cultural perspective.

Women’s Development & Vocational Training Foundation (Meknes, Morocco)

This foundation assists Moroccan women of all economic levels to complete their education.

Many of the educational courses teach artisan skills (embroidery, calligraphy, literacy, cooking, and hair dressing) to increase employment opportunities and/or assist the women to start their own businesses. Volunteer opportunities may include organizing logistics, preparing lesson plans and teaching English to the women.

Additional help may be needed with fundraising, marketing, or creating a social media presence or website development to help the women sell their products. *Female participants only.

Family Center for Victims of Abuse (Cape Town, South Africa)

The center provides essential services to women and children who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse. They are working towards a future where all women are free and safe from violence.

Participants may have opportunities to aid the organization in its efforts through administrative tasks, research, help manage finances, and help run workshops for children and women.

Girls' Leadership Training Program (Galway, Ireland)

The mission of this organization is to enable girls and young women to develop to their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. It is an inclusive organization for girls and women of all ages with a strong emphasis on the outdoors, environment, community responsibility and teamwork.

Participants can serve in various ways, including organizing interactive activities that will help members work towards completing their badge challenges. *Female participants only.

Additional Opportunities: