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About Us

The RISE Learning Community is recommended for students from a rural area in NC and interested in developing their leadership skills while giving back to the community. This program provides opportunities for personal growth and peer-to-peer connections. No previous leadership experience is required.

This community has at its core a mission to inspire emerging leaders through active community service and civic engagement. Students participating in this program will live in Cornerstone Hall and participate in a First-Year Seminar course (3 credit hours) and LED 211 - Principles of Leadership, which is the introductory course to the Leadership Studies minor program. The UNI 101, First-Year Seminar course is taught in the Cornerstone classroom, the same building where students in the program live. We will explore practicing leadership in a number of capacities and contexts in order for students to gain a greater awareness of themselves, others, and their communities.

For additional information or if you have any questions about this community, please email