Event Planning Checklist

When planning an event at UNCW there are several steps that you should take to maximize your event's success. This checklist can be used as a general guide as you go through the process.

It is important to start the planning process as far in advance as possible. Depending on the complexity of the event, all arrangements should be confirmed at a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date.

Review UNCW's Facilities Use Policy and Procedures

Determine Appropriate Space for Your Event

Choose Date and Time for Event

  • Try not to schedule your event at the same time as another event on campus that might involve the same potential audience. Campus calendars are a good resource for determining other events scheduled.

Check Availability of Desired Space

Gather Information Needed to Make Reservation

  • The following is information you should consider before making your reservation. You may not know some of the answers but keep them in mind as you go through the planning process.
    • Name of event, event date, time, expected attendance and contact information. Will you need extra time for set-up/clean-up?
    • Room set-up needs (tables, chairs, staging, registration tables, etc.).
    • Will you serve, food, beverages, alcohol?
    • Technical requirements (sound system, lighting equipment, audio-visual equipment, decorations, etc.).
    • Parking needs for event with large attendance.
    • Do you need security?
    • Moving services needs: will you need extra tables, chairs, or staging?
  • You may be required to use the services of a designated UNCW event manager depending on the facility you reserve and the nature of your event. All non-university events must be coordinated through an approved event manager. If a facility does not have an event manager, non-university event planners should contact Conference Services at at 910.962.3546 or

Reserve Desired Space for Your Event

  • Kenan Auditorium, Housing and Residence Life Facilities, Campus Recreation Facilities, and other facilities with unique requirements must be reserved in person, by phone, or email. See the contact list for all reserving offices.
  • Many spaces on campus can be requested on-line by visiting the CRS website
    • If you do not have a /web account for the Campus Reservation System and you represent a university department or a registered student organization, follow the instructions on the website to set up an account.
    • Non-university groups may contact Conference Services at 910.962.3546 or to request space.

Reservation Confirmation

  • Return signed reservation confirmation to Reserving Office.
  • Non-university groups must also return proof of insurance before the reservation will be confirmed.

Make Arrangements for Catering if Applicable to Your Event

  • Call Campus Catering at 962-3600 to make food service arrangements for your event as soon as you have a room reserved. The Catering Coordinator will assist you with all details related to catering. The Campus Catering Guide (PDF) is a good resource for event planners.
  • If alcohol will be served at your event, arrangements must be coordinated through Campus Catering. You must submit a UNCW Alcohol Beverage Permit at least 14 days prior to your event.

University Police and/or Environmental Health and Safety

  • Depending on the nature of the event, the Reserving Office may require the event manager or the customer to contact University Police and/or Environmental Health and Safety.


Whether you're hosting a three-day conference or a 30-minute meeting, you can help make a positive impact. Holding a Gold Talon event means that you have not only planned an entertaining or productive event but also taken extra steps to be environmentally, socially, and fiscally conscious.

Gold Talon Events: Sustainability: UNCW

Audio Visual Media Services

Special Event Parking

  • Events that attract a large number of visitors to campus may require special arrangements for parking. The Reservations Office may require the event manager or the customer to contact the Parking and Transportation Office, 910-962-3178,

Tables, Chairs, Podiums, Stages

  • You may find that the facility you have reserved does not have the needed tables, chairs, podiums or stages that the event requires. Arrangements can be made with Moving Services to have these items delivered by contacting the following people:

Publicizing your Event

  • Define your target audience and decide how you will notify them of your event.
  • Event reservations scheduled in the Campus Reservation System will be posted on the UNCW Activity and Events Calendar which provides information to campus and community members.
  • UNCW departments can utilize the services of UNCW Marketing and Communications to help ensure that special events are carefully marketed in order to maximize attendance and visibility. This is done by developing strategic advertising, designing invitations and/or other promotional literature, and distributing news releases to targeted media outlets. Contact number: 910-962-2088.


  • It is always helpful to evaluate the success of your event. You may want to collect participant evaluations to provide useful information for future events.
  • Reserving offices and event managers may ask you to complete a Reservation Evaluation so that we may better serve UNCW customers. Please return this form when requested.
  • Groups reserving facilities at UNCW may be charged a fee based on the type of group for direct services, event manager services, facility use, deposit/no show/late cancellation fees, overtime and/or damage or excessive clean-up costs. These fees will be discussed when the original reservation is made. Please pay all applicable fees in a timely manner.