AI+ Application and Research Collider Workshop
Scheduled March 18, 2021


February 15, 2021 - The Office of Research and Innovation and Randall Library will co-host a virtual Faculty Research Collider workshop on Thursday, March 18 from 10-12 p.m. This event is designed to provide a mechanism for UNCW faculty to connect, learn about each other’s research, AI+ Collider Flyerteaching, scholarship, and creative work and develop new innovative ideas and potential collaboration. The March Workshop focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data. This event will feature experts as well as layperson to discuss their current efforts in using AI/ML to solve research questions or to generate insights into data. This event is designed for all levels.

If you are interested in presenting your research ideas/on-going research related to AI, please register in this Google form. We welcome researchers in AI, or researchers who look for AI experts to collaborate to present in this workshop.

New to AI/ML but have data, join us.  Want to know if AI/ML can help your research, join us. An expert using AI/ML for years, join us. Interested in the hype around AI/ML and data, join us. 

Check back for an updated listing of presenters, agenda, etc.

  • 10:00-10:10 – Welcome, Introductions and Logistics
    Dr. Stuart Borrett—Associate Provost for Research & Innovation
    Dr. Lucy Holman—University Librarian, Randall Library
    Dr. Yang Song—Assistant Professor, Computer Science
    Dr. Karl Ricanek—Professor, Computer Science and Director of I3S 
  • 10:10-11:00 – Ignite Research Talks
  • 11:00-11:15 – Library Resources & Funding Opportunities
Jason Fleming, Information Technology Librarian, Randall Library
-Services and resources available related to AI+
Dana Brinkley Bell and Kory Enneking, SPARC Pre-award Coordinators
-Q&A and funding opportunities related to AI+ and pre-award procedures.

  • 11:15-11:45 – Ignite Research Talks
  • 11:45-12:00 – I3S Grant Opportunities & Closing
    Dr. Karl Ricanek, Professor, Computer Science
    Dr. Yang Song, Assistant Professor, Computer Science


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