International Trade & Exchange Research Community

Spring 2021 RCITE Faculty Fellows

Presentations: February 17 and March 3

The Chancellor’s Office, CAS, CSB, and the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) have joined to together to provide support to create and grow a Research Community in International Trade and Exchange (RCITE). Mark Spaulding (HST) and Pete Schuhmann (ECN) are serving as the principal organizers of the research community. Our ultimate goal over the next few years is to build a permanent center for research and teaching on international trade and exchange here at UNCW.  

As part of our efforts, the RCITE has funded a Spring 2021 cohort of faculty fellows engaged in research and scholarship in trade and exchange at UNCW. Fellows also advance the practical work of getting the material and human resources (the critical mass of funding and network) to make a permanent center for research and teaching of international trade and exchange at UNCW.

  • Martha Andrews, Professor of Management
    Nivine Richie, Professor of Finance
    Personality Traits, Behavioral Biases, and Online Investment Practices
  • Pascale Barthe, Associate Professor of French
    Tales of Empire: The Significance of Seventeenth-Century European-Mughal Experiences
  • Prosper Bangwayo-Skeete, Associate Professor of Economics
    Tourists’ Willingness to Pay for Conservation of Environmental Resources in Grenada
  • Emily Homer, Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminology
    Deterrent Effects of Federal Corporate Agreements
  • Julia Morris, Assistant Professor of International Studies
    Manufacturing Landscapes and Special Economic Zones in Jordan
  • Nathan Pilkington, Assistant Professor of History
    The First New World: Phoenician Traders and Indigenous Populations in the Early Iron Age Mediterranean
  • Lisa Scribner, Associate Professor of Marketing
    Cross-Cultural Differences in Writing Online Reviews: When Customers Experience Delight in Online Shopping
  • Ethan Watson, Associate Professor of Finance
    Uncertainty, Country-Level Institutions, and Decisions on Firm-Level Investment (Capital Expenditures)