International Trade & Exchange Research Community

UNCW Research Community in International Trade and Exchange (RCITE)

The RCITE Team

Principal Organizers: Mark Spaulding (HST) and Pete Schuhmann (ECN)
Administrative Support: Paula Cameron (R&I)
SPARC Partners: Dana Bell, Kati Chipps and Michael Carr
Advancement Partner: Megan Gorham
Business Services: Sydney Vann and Karen Barnhill (R&I) 


The Chancellor’s Office, CAS, CSB, and Research and Innovation (R&I) have joined to together to provide support to create and grow a Research Community in International Trade and Exchange (RCITE). Mark Spaulding (HST) and Pete Schuhmann (ECN) are serving as the principal organizers of the research community. Some of you may have already heard of or participated in these efforts which continue to gain momentum. 

Our goal over the next few years is to build a permanent center for research and teaching on international trade and exchange here at UNCW. We have already identified several promising sources of external funding. 

Recent and Current Activities

Join Us! (No obligations beyond what you wish to do.)

  • Get on our email mailing list by contacting Paula Cameron at 
  • Attend our presentations
  • Make a research presentation to the group
  • Bring the RCITE to the attention of any UNCW colleagues who are working in international trade and exchange, but are not yet on our mailing list
  • Send ideas, suggestions, even criticism to Mark Spaulding