International Trade & Exchange Research Community

International Trade and Exchange Research at UNCW : A Message from Dr. Stuart Borrett

Dear Campus Community:

I am pleased to introduce the UNCW Research Community focused on International Trade and Exchange. 

Stuart Borrett
Stuart Borrett
Dr. Stuart Borrett
Associate Provost
for Research & Innovation

Addressing large, complex, and wicked problems requires interdisciplinary teams of researchers to share knowledge and collaborate.  The purpose of the UNCW Interdisciplinary Research Community Program is to encourage and support interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary communities of scholars with common thematic interests.  The communities are faculty and staff focused, but will also create learning opportunities for interested graduate and undergraduate students.  Successful research communities will create a vibrant and active community of scholars that help researchers connect, form new collaborations, provide peer mentoring and support, and foster new research discoveries and products.   Expected research outcomes include development of collaborative research programs, proposals and awards for external funding, and related research/scholarly publications.   The communities are also a way to highlight both signature and emerging areas of research strength.


Stuart Borrett