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Monday, May 2, 2022

As part of Research & Innovation’s continuing efforts to stimulate and support UNCW research, we are launching the proposal development module within the OSPREY research administration system. RIST is pleased to announce that starting the first week of May OSPREY will be open to all departments and centers for submitting new proposals. We appreciate your patience and support during this required software transition.

What is the Timeline?

The Research & Innovation Service Team is already in a successful pilot phase of the implementation, and we will begin the voluntary campus-wide implementation the first week of May. After Memorial Day, May 31st, all new proposals will be required to be started in OSPREY.

SPARC personnel will be available to assist with any proposal questions, and we would encourage faculty to reach out the SPARC office so we can work with you to begin the process in the new OSPREY system. All faculty and staff have Single-Sign-On access to the OSPREY system with appropriate security roles already in place.

RAMSeS will still be accessible until the June 30, 2022, discontinuation date set by the UNC system office. We ask that faculty take the time to access RAMSeS, IRBIS, AIR and download any information or documentation needed for personal use. UNCW will maintain a database with required archived RAMSeS data for reporting purposes only.

Current active awards and proposals that are still awaiting funding will be moved into the OSPREY system. This transition process has begun and will continue through the months of May and June. All faculty associated with the awards and proposals will receive an email notification with more details when the process is complete.

After the implementation phase is complete, we will begin offering additional features and functionality in subsequent phases including more robust reporting, award tracking and tech transfer integration. We will continue to keep you informed about this exciting new research software system.

Where Can I Find Training?

A new internal OSPREY SharePoint website has been created with more information and details including video and written training guides.

SPARC'S weekly office hours can be utilized for OSPREY questions and to set up individualized training sessions. Offered weekly via Zoom Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 to 10:50 a.m.

How Do I Access OSPREY?

Access to OSPREY can be found on mySeaport.

  1. Access the mySeaport page
  2. Click the Employee Essentials tab
  3. Scroll down to the Research, Innovation and Commercialization Section
  4. Click on OSPREY

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