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Online Sponsored Programs & Research Enterprise sYstem

In order to better meet the needs of UNCW under it's new designation as an R2: Doctoral University and in light of the fact that the UNC system office is discontinuing (RAMSeS, AIR, IRBUS) by the end of FY22, a new improved research system from InfoEd Global was selected. This modern system is a web-based, collaborative environment for assembling and submitting the grant applications and Conflict of Interest disclosures.  

Hard Deadline: June 30, 2022, FY22 end: RAMSeS, AIR, IACUC systems suspended by the UNC system office.


RAMSeS Access

RAMSeS will still be accessible until the June 30, 2022, discontinuation date set by the UNC system office. We ask that faculty take the time to access RAMSeS, IRBIS, AIR and download any information or documentation needed for personal use. UNCW will maintain a database with required archived RAMSeS data for reporting purposes only.


  1. Webpage OSPREY Link / Office App Launcher (Waffle Menu) 
  2. mySeaport page / Employee Essentials tab / Scroll down to the Research, Innovation and Commercialization Section / Click on OSPREY

Open Modules - COI & SPIN & Proposals

  1. Conflict of Interest (COI) and External Professional Activities for Pay (EPAP) Module
    • *Reminder Project Specific COI disclosures will continue to be processed through AIR until Proposal Development Module is launched in Spring.
    • Please contact COI staff if you have any questions or visit the Research Integrity COI webpage for more information and resources. 
  2. SPIN Find Funding Module
    • Search for federal and non-federal funding opportunities 
  3. Proposal Development Module
    • Develop, review, submit proposals 

Proposal Development Module Launch

Launch Dates

  • May 2-May 31: Voluntary Campus Wide Launch
  • June 1: All Proposals Required to be Started in OSPREY 

Active Awards and Proposals

Current active awards and proposals that are still awaiting funding will be moved into the OSPREY system. This transition process has begun and will continue through the months of May and June. All faculty associated with the awards and proposals will receive an email notification with more details when the process is complete.


A new internal OSPREY SharePoint website has been created for written and video training guides. You can also learn the fundamentals of our Online Sponsored Programs Electronic Routing System in OSPREY 101 offered two times per month. SPARC's weekly office hours can be utilized for OSPREY questions and to set up individualized training sessions.

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Implementation Timeline

As always timelines are tentative, and we appreciate your patience. Thank you to everyone willing to donate their time and effort into making this transition a success. 

*Tech Transfer Module is tentatively replacing the BioSafety Module

OSPREY timeline

Project Steering Committee

The OSPREY project will be overseen by a committee consisting of members from Research and Innovation, SPARC, RIO, IT, and the Controller’s Office. A small group of college grants administrators, internal staff and faculty volunteers will be assisting in the user acceptance and testing. 


  • Ensure integration with other enterprise systems (Banner)
  • Monitor and communicate progress
  • Facilitate campus-wide trainings and develop supporting materials
  • Ensure historical data and current grant processes will be captured and migrated into the appropriate modules
  • Create accurate reporting

Benefits At A Glance

OSPREY will automate and streamline the grants process by creating an integrated and collaborative workflow to minimize redundant data entry, eliminate the need for multiple applications and ensure accurate tracking and reporting.


  • Facilitation of timely and accurate approvals from appropriate committees
  • Integrated systems for faster processing and ease of reporting

Proposal Development

  • Managing internal review and approval with electronic approval tracking
  • Auto-calculation of complex budgets and built-in error checking
  • Electronic submission capabilities with leading sponsors

Award Management

  • Import and display accurate expenditure data in a user-friendly format
  • Track award and other agreement negotiations
  • Submission and retention of progress and final reports

Current eRA Discontinuation

Procurement of a modern eRA product with greater customization and functionality across modules was accelerated following the UNC System Office announcement.

The UNC System Office is unable to continue subsidizing the central support/maintenance of an eRA information system for UNC institutions of any size beyond 9-30-22.  The current three-person team supporting RAMSeS will be available to support the remaining institutions at least through June 30, 2022, with reduced and limited staffing through September 21, 2022.”

Since 2007 the UNC System Office operated the electronic research administration (eRA) system known as RAMSeS.  This system was developed and configured for UNC Chapel Hill and made available to UNC system institutions. It contains the following modules which allowed the management of external grant proposals and awards:

Systems title and function table
RAMSeS Proposal routing, award tracking and reporting
Backbone   User administration and department hierarchy management
AIR  Conflict of Interest and External Professional Activities for Pay
IRBIS Human Subjects