Student SeaNet Guide


  • SeaNet has many hyperlinks that you may click on at any time for more information
  • This document includes only a few highlights of SeaNet.
  • If you are logged on SeaNet for more than 20 minutes without clicking on a link or button, your login will expire.
  • You may use the back button at any time.

User Id
Your User Id is a 9 digit number that begins with "85". If you do not know your Id, click on this link and enter the correct information.

Currently enrolled students: your banner id and pin will be mailed to your UNCW email account.

Students without an active UNCW email account: access this link and enter the correct information and your banner id and pin will display on the screen in less than 1 minute.

PIN (this is your secure login pin-it is NOT your 4 digit registration PIN you may need to register)
Your Pin is initially your birth date in format MMDDYYYY. You will be required to change your Pin to another 8 digit number. You will also be required to supply some security questions/answers. Keep your answer simple, with no special characters. Your answer is case sensitive and must be retrieved exactly as it was entered.

What is my registration PIN?
Your registration PIN is your "registration number" that you receive from your academic advisor, if required.

Your registration PIN is required every time you visit the Drop/Add Classes page. Please retain it through the end of the drop/add period. You will receive a new registration PIN each semester. 

Personal Information
Please verify your addresses and make any necessary changes.


Student Services & Financial Aid

Check your registration status; Add or drop classes; Display your class schedule.

Check your registration status to see when you can register, your student status, your academic status, registration overrides and other relevant information.

If you have holds, click View Holds, located at the bottom of the page, to see what holds you have and the office(s) that placed the holds.

Add/Drop Classes
From the Add/Drop Classes page you may enter the CRNs (course reference number) in the boxes and click "Submit Changes". The page will return with any errors or confirm you are in the class.

If you do not know the CRN, you may use the "Search Class" option. Check the select box for as many courses as you wish to register for and click "Register" at the bottom of the page. You may enter your CRNs on a worksheet and then click the "Submit Changes" icon.

You may see your schedule by clicking on "View Student Schedule" located at bottom of the page.

Look Up Classes to Add
You may search for courses in several ways. If you wish to search on multiple subjects, hold down the ctrl key while selecting the subject. From the course selection page follow the directions at the top of the page. It is important that you drill down on the CRN hyperlink 2 times to see any restrictions on the class. Ex:


20049 ACG 201 001 M 3.000 Financial

Click on 20049

Sections Found
Financial Accounting - 20049 - ACG 201 - 001

Click on Course

Scroll to bottom:

Registration Availability
  Capacity Actual Remaining
Seats 45 0 45

MAT 111 and ACGL 201

What is a Registration Override?
A registration override can be issued by the instructor for a class that is closed or has a restriction. The override does not register you in the class but allows you to register yourself without getting a registration error. You may see if a registration override has been given by going to the Registration Status page.

Common Registration Add Errors What it Means


Permission of instructor or department required
CLOSED SECTION Course is closed
MAJOR RESTRICTION This course is restricted to majors only
DUPL EQUIV WITH SEC Time conflict 
DUPLICATE CRN You are attempting to register for course you are already registered for 
TIME CONFLICT WITH ... Time conflict
Course has a prerequisite requirement or test score requirement.

***If you registered for a class for Summer 2006 that will satisfy a prereq requirement for a Fall class, you will need to get an override for the Fall course.

RPT HRS EXCEED You are attempting to register for a course in which you are currently registered or have already "earned" a grade of C or better.
CLASS RESTRICTION This course is restricted to certain class of students ex: JR or SR status