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Reserved Seating

  1. Click the Reserved Seats tab on the Section Enrollment window.
  2. This opens the Reserved Seats window.
    SSASECT Reserved Seats
  3. The first line populates from the Maximum Seats field in the enrollment details tab. It is not editable from this tab.
  4. On second line, seats can be allocated by Level, College, DEegree, Program, Field of Study, Department, Class, or Attribute. Any seats added in these fields will add to the maximum number of seats in the course. In the example above, five seats of this section have been reserved for pre-Nursing majors. So only five pre-Nursing students can register for this section. The remaining seats are available to any student. If the Overflow checkbox is checked, when all of the reserved seats are full, students who meet the reserve can register for seats open in the non-reserved setion.
  5. After the changes have been made, click SAVE/Commit (F10) to save your reserved seats.
  6. Multiple lines of reserved seating can be used.
  7. Reserved seats cannot be removed once students who meet that reserve have registered for the course.