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Orientation Reserved Seating

  1. You should not use waitlists with reserved seating.
  2. Set your non-reserve max in the Enrollment Details tab of the Section Enrollment Information tab in SSASECT.
  3. Save your changes.
    Set non-reserve max enrollment in SSASECT
  4. Then click on the 'Reserved Seats' tab of the 'Section Enrollment Information' tab in SSASECT. Please note that the first row of this screen represents the enrollment maximum information from the 'Enrollment Details' tab.
  5. Down arrow to enter the next row on the 'Reserved Seats' tab.
  6. Enter 1ORI in the 'Attribute' field.
  7. Check the 'Overflow' box. This will allow students who have the 1ORI - Orientation Registration attribute to register for the course if the orientation reserved seats are full but there are non-reserved seats available. If this is not checked when the reserved max is met, students who have the reserve attribute will not be able to register for the course.
  8. Save your changes
    Orientation attribute reserve seats maximum enrollment
  9. Go to SSADETL go to 'Degree Program Attributes' tab and enter 1ORI. This show the text 'RESERVED Orientation' in the attributes column in SeaNet. It also makes the course searchable by the attribute in the advanced search of SeaNet.
  10. Save your changes.
    SSADETL Reserved Orientation Attribute
  11. Go to SSASYLB 'Section Long Title' on the 'Long Title and Learning Objectives tab.
  12. Click Copy from Course. This will copy the section long title to the course from SSASYLB.
  13. Enter the text 'Reserved Seats for Orientation' without the quotation marks in front of the course long title that was inserted from the previous step. This way the course title will announce the reserved seats and the course title in SeaNet.
    Reserved seats for orientation long title
  14. Below is what this course will look like in SeaNet.
    Orienation reserved seats SeaNet view