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Entering a 'live' Hyperlink (longer than 60 characters)

Go to SSATEXT , here you can enter the course website: 
The difference between the two methods, is that you will have to utilize the Section Long Text section on SSATEXT. 
  1. Within this section, you can type in the address without any difficulties. However, in the Section Text, you will have to enter a line to inform the students to ‘Please click on the CRN number to access survey.’
    Line 1:  Click <a href=” 
    Line 2:
    Line 3:  “ target=”_blank”>here<a/a> to access survey 
  2. These three lines will show: ‘Click here to access survey’
  3. Click Save
    SSATEXT Entering a Long Hyperlink
  4. Click on CRN, as instructed in the course section description:
    SeaNet Click on CRN to Open Window with Survey Link
  5. Click on ‘here’ to access the survey and it will open up a new window with the address you entered in SSATEXT:
    SeaNet Long Link Pop Up Wndow
    SeaNet Long Link Pop Up Window