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Creating the Meeting Time

Please adhere to the UNCW Standard Class Times for Academic Programs which you can find here. The meeting time validation table (STVMEET) referenced below adheres to the UNCW Standard Class Times for Academic Programs.

The Meeting Times and Instructor window is used to enter and maintain the meeting time, room, and building information for a section on the Meeting Dates Tab
SSASECT Meeting Time
  1. From the SSASECT form, click the Meeting Times and Instructor tab to access the Meeting Dates Window.
  2. Double click in the Meeting Time field to open the Meeting Time Code Validation form.
  3. Browse the meeting times and select the appropriate time for the section by double clicking in the Code field that corresponds to the correct time.
    Meeting Time Code Validation
  4. If the meeting time is not listed on this form, it must be manually entered.
    • Tab to the meeting days columns. While tabbing to those columns, the Start and End Date fields will automatically populate
SSASECT Meeting Dates
  • Now the days of the week must be selected for the section by placing a checkmark under the corresponding day.
  • Tab to the Start-end Time fields and enter the start and end times of the section.
  • Next tab to the Building field or click the Meeting Location and Credits tab to assign the building and room.