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Assigning an Instructor

The Instructor window is used to assign an instructor to a section. 
  1. From the Meeting Times and Instructor tab in SSASECT, perform a Next Block to access the Instructor window.  If the instructor ID is known it may be entered directly into the ID field.
    SSASECT - Assigning the Instructor
  2. Click on the search icon Search Icon Imageabove the ID field.
    Search Icon Image
  3. This will open the Faculty/Advisor Query form.
  4. Enter the appropriate search parameters, and then execute a query (F8) to return your search results.  Remember the % is a wildcard that can be used in all queries and this is a case sensitive form.
    SSASECT - Assigning the Instructor
  5. Double click in the ID field or click on the Select icon to select the instructor that will be assigned to the class.  This will populate the Instructor window with the id and name of the instructor.
  6. If this is the only instructor, leave the 100 in the Percent of Responsibility field and place a check mark in the Primary Indicator field to designate the Primary Instructor.  If there are multiple instructors, then proceed to the next line and repeat the process.  Remember if there are multiple instructors, then only one can be designated as the primary instructor.  The Percent of Responsibility and Percent of Session fields must also be adjusted to total 100 with the appropriate amounts when multiple instructors are assigned to a section (i.e. 50/50, 70/30).
  7. Perform a SAVE/Commit (F10) to capture all of your selections.