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Adding Text (specific course section)

  1. SSATEXT is the form that comments are added to the section.  From SSASECT under the Options menu, select SSATEXT (Course Section Comments).
    SSATEXT Enter Section Specific Text
  2. Perform a Next Block.
  3. Enter the desired text for the section.  You can use up to 60 characters/spaces/punctuation per line.
  4. Perform a SAVE/COMMIT (F10).
    SSATEXT Section Text Example
Are you offering any extension (i.e., Distance Education or EXT) courses?
All extension courses must include the following text as a Course Section Comment (SSATEXT) to be viewable for students upon enrollment.

PLEASE NOTE: On-campus students will be charged an additional rate for this course based on Distance Education tuition and fees.
SSATEXT Distance Education Bill Warning
SeaNet View of SSATEXT Text