Office of the Registrar

Classroom Optimization

The Provost has charged the Office of the Registrar with developing an optimized academic scheduling plan that will go into effect in fall 2018. The timeline for developing this plan is already underway, since departmental schedule builders will begin developing fall schedules in early November 2017. This plan, while still evolving, will include changes to the scheduling of classrooms and potential changes to the policies surrounding academic scheduling. A task force was mobilized to review every aspect of how academic space is used and to develop a plan to optimize the best use of that space. Most of those discussions have occurred and even more details will emerge as we move forward. Jonathan Reece, University Registrar, is already visiting with several colleges and schools and is available to speak to academic departments, in an effort to provide updates and get your input on departmental priorities.  If at any time you have suggestions or comments, reach out to Jonathan or any other member of the task force. The development of this initiative is meant to be transparent and inclusive. 

The task force membership follows and Jonathan extends a special thank you to each of them for their involvement in this very important task. 

  • Christopher Lantz – CHHS Rep
  • Carol McNulty – WCE Rep
  • David Webster – CAS Rep
  • David Glew – CSB Rep
  • Kristin Brogdon – Community Engagement/Summer Rep
  • Stephen Meinhold – Faculty Senate Rep
  • Matthew TenHuisen – Faculty Senate Rep 
  • Colin Chapman – IT Support
  • Tina Strickland – EMS Manager
  • Woody Sutton – Space Planning
  • Jonathan Reece – Registrar
  • Freeman Whitney – Registrar
  • Melissa Duffield – Registrar

Point of Contact:  Melissa Duffield, Executive Assistant to the University Registrar

The Office of the Registrar has also been working with the task force to create a list of classrooms that will be included in the optimization process. As a guide, the classrooms listed in GREEN are included in the optimization process and those in white will NOT be included. To view this list, follow THIS link.

In an effort to make this process as seamless as possible, Jon Reece and Melissa Duffield are available to speak with those directly affected by this process.  A power point presentation was created for these meetings and can be found HERE. Please contact Melissa if you would like to schedule a time for us to meet with our department.

For a list of frequently asked questions, click HERE. In addition to the FAQ page, a ist of definitions has been created that will address some common, and perhaps uncommon, terms associated with the process. Click HERE to see the list.