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Trainings & Workshops

Affordable trainings and workshops are provided on the following topics. Registration fees are subsidized by grants making the trainings affordable for even the smallest nonprofit. Customized trainings for your organization can be provided on a fee-for-service basis.

Responsible Board Governance

Boards are a decision-making body and responsible for governing a nonprofit organization. Providing overall leadership and policy direction, the board ensures sound stewardship of nonprofit assets and resources, are held to the highest legal and ethical standards, and ensure their loyalties are to the nonprofit through prudent good faith decision to advance the nonprofit organization's mission. This training includes the 3 sessions, listed below. Each session is 2 hours long, or the training can be completed in a full day workshop.  

Roles & Responsibilities

You will learn:

  • Board Member roles including legal and operational responsibilities
  • How to ensure mission-driven decision-making
  • Why transparency is crucial in the nonprofit sector
  • Individual legal responsibilities 
  • Importance of board oversight
  • Policies all nonprofits SHOULD have in place

Intentional Practices

We will cover:

  • Board responsibility for sustaining organizational resources
  • Importance of board evaluations and establishing intentional board structures
  • Effective and time-efficient meetings using strategic and consent agendas

Board Revitalization

You will:

  • Learn how to perform each of the eight steps in the board revitalization cycle
  • Examine how a board governance committee can benefit your board's revitalization
  • Create a board matrix to assess your board's current assets and identify board needs
  • Learn how to create a board recruitment plan
  • Discuss the importance of a well-designed board member orientation and some best practices
  • Create ways to keep board members motivated and engaged
  • Discuss the importance of board terms and bringing new people to the table

Financial Accountability

This 4-session series was designed and it taught by Andy Atkinson and Natasha Davis to increase nonprofit staff and board members' understanding of financial processes and how to use financial reports to help create a proactive decision-making environment. Together Andy and Natasha have over 45 years experience in nonprofit financial management. Each session is three hours long and can be taken individually or as a series. 



  • Nonprofit financial cycle
  • Nonprofit budget process and the importance of communication
  • Introduce the budget variance and cash flow reports
  • Using budget monitoring reports for proactive decision-making and detecting financial mismanagement

Analyzing Financial Reports

You will learn:

  • The difference between for-profit and nonprofit financial reports
  • Cash basis and accrual basis reporting
  • How to read financial reports to help make proactive decisions and detect potential mismanagement, including: Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Activities, Cash Flow Worksheet
  • How to calculate simple financial ratios and use them to see "down the road"

Cost Allocation

You will learn how to:

  • Create and understand the Statement of Functional Expenses
  • Create an organizational cost allocation plan
  • Manage grant restrictions when allocating costs
  • Use cost allocation to make PROACTIVE programmatic and fundraising decisions

Dashboards & 990s

You will:

  • Create a financial dashboard for your organization
  • Learn which reports should be included in a Treasurer's Report for the board vs. the finance committee
  • Understand the finance committee's role in financial oversight
  • Create a checklist that should be reviewed every month, quarter, and year
  • Review IRS Form 990

Successful Board Chair Workshop

If you are the current or incoming Chair or President of a nonprofit board of directors, this event is for you. We will spend two hours discussing the roles of a board chair, using tools to be effective in the position, and learning how to lead effective meetings. Participants will leave the training with completed action plans, communication plans, and meeting agendas. Also, participants who complete the training will be granted one hour of QENO coaching per organization to provide one-on-one mentoring and answer questions specific to your organization. 

Leading Together

Leading Together is a follow up to the Successful Board Chair Workshop for your organization's board chair and executive director/CEO to attend together. This session assists in creating a leadership plan. We will discuss how to understand and recognize different communication preferences and personality traits, and help teams create a plan that solidifies successful communication between the board chair, executive director, staff and board of directors. Finally, each team will create SMART goals for the year and determine action plans for those goals.

Get On Board!

If you want to develop leadership skills, make new connections, and volunteer in the community, the best way is to join a board of directors.

QENO is partnering with United Way of the Cape Fear Area and WILMA's Women to Watch Leadership Initiative to encourage and facilitate regional board membership opportunities. 

The Get On Board! program offers training to potential board members and an opportunity to network with organizations. 

Executive Director Academy

Our Executive Director Academy is designed for nonprofit executive directors (or equivalent) in the role four years or less. 

This program includes a monthly two-hour session for nine months from September through May. During these sessions we address issues such as leading organizational change, transitioning into successful leadership, financial management, building effective board relationships, and more. Participants will be given a chance to learn new skills from experienced leaders, problem solve pressing issues, and build a network of peers. In addition, each participant will receive monthly peer mentoring from an experienced executive director.

Applications are accepted between August 15 and 31, 2017 and you will receive notification of acceptance in early September.  Space is limited so apply early!   

Executive Director Academy Application