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What is uShop

uShop is a web-based purchasing system that allows UNC Wilmington to buy goods and services more economically and efficiently. uShop Requisitions follow an electronic approvallprocess which eliminates the need for paper signature and routing of approvals. Banner will continue to be the financial system of record.

Access and Roles in uShop

Users access uShop through mySeaport - Administrative Services Tab - Click the uShop Link

Basic Roles:
  • Shopper - This is the basic role in uShop and all UNCW employees have this ability to browse catalogs and put items in a cart. The cart is then forwarded to the Requestor, who will finish the cart and submit the order. No training or access forms are required, however these users would benefit from attending PUR206 - uShop Requestor Class.
  • Senior Requestor - An individual who has completed and passed the uShop (PUR206) and Expenditures training (ACT105). The senior requestor is given access by ORG. This person applies Account Code information and has Banner access. Departments who have a Senior Requestor role benefit by eliminating the manual account code approval process, speeding up the time needed to complete an order. Users needing this role must also submit a Banner Access Form with the box check for uShop Requestor Access. The form is found here.
  • Fund Approver - An individual designated to electronically review/edit and approve purchase requests based on the specific fund's budget authorities set up in Banner. Fund approval assignments are set in the Banner FTIFATA table; email1, email2, email3 attributes. Changes to this table are done in the accounting office using the Banner Fund Change Form (Link). The Approver receives an email alerting them a PR is awaiting approval. After verification, the Approver may either reject part/all of the PR or approve the PR. After all approvals have been posted, a Purchase Order (PO) is created and electronically delivered to the vendor. No training or access forms are required, however these users would benefit from attending PUR206 - uShop Requestor Class.

Helpful Links and Resources

Contacts for Assistance

  • uShop System Administrator - Questions concerning uShop functions, approver access, "how to" information and encumbrance liquidations contact: Jody Leber, 910-962-3400,  leberj@uncw.edu
  • Purchasing - Questions concerning sourcing, bidding, quotes and products on contract should be directed to the buyers. Buyer contact information by commodity (product) type can be found at this link. If you are unsure who to contact you can call the main purchasing line at 910-962-3158.
  • Accounts Payable - Questions concerning payment of Invoices contact: Cathy Daniels, 910-962-3645, danielsca@uncw.edu

Contact Information for Customer Support:

Jody Leber, uShop & Chrome River Analyst

leberj@uncw.edu (x2-3400)