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FY20 Year-End Purchasing Guide

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  • 2020 Year End Purchases Memo (pdf) - Under review

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  • P-Card Transactions are being fed to Banner weekly during the month of May. P-Card transactions that have been posted to the bank by June 9th, must be reconciled in WORKS by Friday, June 12th to be paid in this fiscal year.

Year-End Information

What: Year End Session

Where:  Cameron Hall 105 - Auditorium

When: Friday, February 21, 2020   2:00-3:30 pm

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FY20 Year End

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Recommended Order Dates for 2020

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When considering Year-End Lead Times for Fiscal Year-End critical funding, please pay attention to these guidelines. The State of NC has inspection requirements, effectively extending the time before payment can be issued to the vendor(s).

Generally equipment ought to be ordered by March 13th, services by March 27th and supplies by May 8th. Be safe and order early!!

There are some custom and extraordinary equipment items that may require even longer lead times. For example off-road vehicles now have a 8-10 week lead time. Click to view a detailed list.

If not, lead time to receive the goods will have to be analyzed closely before the purchase is allowed. The particular Purchasing Specialist responsible for the commodity for which you may be interested in buying, can assist with those lead times. For a chart of the Purchasing Specialists and the commodities for which they are responsible please click here.

For assistance call Purchasing @ 2-3158.

Entering Future Year Requisitions

Step by Step Instructions for entering Future Year Requisitions

Helpful Tips for Purchase Order Management

  • Q: How can I quickly determine the orders I have encumbered?

A: Check out the SSRS Web "Open Encumbrances" report. The report will list your order numbers, vendor names, original amounts and remaining balances. It can be easily exported into Excel for further review. Tip: Users can gain the required access to run the report by completing the Oracle Reporting form, including supervisor's signature, and forwarding it to John Cooper (cooperj@uncw.edu).

  • Q: Who do I contact to liquidate residual balances or close purchase orders?

A: Send an e-mail or uShop comment to Purchasing (purchasing@uncw.edu) requesting the balance be liquidated and the order closed. Be sure to include the PO number(s) and if the vendor needs to be notified (as in the case of a back-ordered item). Tip: Orders with less than $2 remaining open will be closed as part of our routine batch-close process.

  • Q: Are there reports in uShop that show my open orders that need receiving or invoices?

A: Yes! There are four (4) different reports to choose from depending on the information you are seeking. To locate the reports follow the instructions below:

Home/Shop > Document Search > saved searches > Year End