Purchasing Services

Who is an Independent Contractor?

Not all the individuals that we hire are Independent Contractors. Answer these questions to help determine the procedure you will use:

1. Is the contractor incorporated? How can you tell? If the company's name ends in "Inc." or you may ask the salesman.

If "yes", the firm is incorporated, we will use a uShop purchase order and the PUR 1.40 form will not be necessary. (There are some exceptions to this. We would process a PUR 1.40, for example, for very small firms or cases where we are naming a specific individual to perform the work.)

2. Is the service a performance or a lecture and the fee is greater than $10,000?

If "yes", contact Purchasing Services for the performance contract template which will be processed in uShop. A PUR 1.40 will not be used. The Performance Contract template incorporates a simplified version of the vendor background section, eliminating the need for the PUR 1.40 for this specific type of service provider. Warning - If using an individual who is a Foreign National, please first contact the Tax Compliance Officer.

3. Is the contractor a UNCW student, inclusive of summer break?

If "yes", they will be paid as a student, which is not processed through Purchasing.

4. Is the individual an employee of UNCW, or another state of NC institution, or recently retired from the state of NC?

If "yes", they will be paid as an employee under Dual Employment procedure, not as an Independent Contractor. Contact the Budget Office for information.

If "no" is the answer to all of the above questions, we will proceed with the PUR 1.40 form and the Independent Contractor Form in uShop. A combination of the following documents may be attached to a uShop "Independent Contractor Form" and submitted into workflow. uShop will route the correctly prepared cart to the Budget Authority, HR, Tax Compliance, Grant Officer, and the Buyer.