Purchasing Services

Independent Contractors - Ordering Instructions

  1. Review instructions on the updated PUR 1.40 (version 05/2016).
  2. Complete Sections 2.1 and 2.2 of the PUR 1.40.
  3. Forward PUR 1.40 to vendor complete Section 1.
  4. Log into uShop and go to the home/shop page. Browse for your vendor. If vendor is not found, Use "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR".
  5. Under "Special Processing Forms" click on " Independent Contractor Form".
  6. uShop Home Screen

  7. Complete the electronic form, attaching the PUR 1.40 (and any other supporting documents) as indicated.
  8. Click "save" and proceed to checkout and complete the requisition as normal.

    Account Code Tip: Below are the most frequently used account codes:

    Account Code Description





    Other Contract Services




  9. Review Workflow by clicking tab.

    Note: Requisition will be routed automatically to HR and Tax approval steps. If a grant fund is used, Grant Approval step will also appear in Workflow.

    Figure 2: Basic Workflow for Independent Contractor Requisitions

  10. Click "Place Order" to submit your requisition into workflow.