Purchasing Services

Independent Contractor


The form can be signed digitally and forwarded in email, faxed, or printed and mailed.  If you have saved the old forms on your computer, please delete those files.

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Procedure for Engaging the Services of an Independent Contractor

  • Applicant must complete and sign Section 1 of the PUR 1.40 Application.
  • Originating UNCW department completes Section II.
  • If applicant will have unsupervised contact with students/minors, a Criminal Background Check Release Form must be completed by the applicant and submitted to Human Resources. The Cost of the background check will be charged to the initiating UNCW department. Department will notify approvers when background check is complete. The PUR 1.40 Application cannot be approved until the background check is completed.
  • The UNCW Department and the applicant agree to the fees, nature of the service to be performed, payment schedule, and reimbursements (if any). The payment options must be entered in the payment option area of Section 2 of the PUR 1.40 Application. Additional details are on page 3 of the form.
  • The completed PUR 1.40 form is attached to a requisition and routed through the uShop electronic approval process and a purchase order is created. Once the purchase order has been fully approved, the services may begin.
  • Upon completion of service the uShop receipt is processed and invoice submitted to Accounts Payable. Payment is issued on the next available AP cycle. If there will not be an invoice, at the time the receipt is processed create a uShop comment addressed to accountspayable@uncw.edu. In the comment notify Accounts Payable that there will not be an invoice and that you are ready for payment to be made.
Important Information:
  • If applicant is a Non-Resident Alien, contact the Tax Office at 22757 and provide additional information and forms for the independent contractor and include a completed and approved application.
  • PUR 1.40 Application is effective for 12 months from approval date provided that the scope of the service and the need for a criminal background check have not changed within the period.
  • UNCW will only pay travel reimbursements to the independent contractor and not a 3rd party, such as a faculty or staff member on behalf of the independent contractor.
  • For services totaling $10,000 or more, contact Purchasing to draft a Personal Services contract. Attach resume, biography, web link or CV. For services involving Contract and Grant funds, a PO is required and the Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance Office must also approve the PUR 1.40 Application.


Failure by a department to obtain all necessary approvals prior to the commencement of work is deemed non-compliant with university policy.  Non-compliance carries the risk that payment may be denied.

  • Payments for noncompliant services are processed in uShop and require an audit memo.  The memo may be an attachment, uShop comment or an email,  explaining two points: (1) why UNCW policy was not followed, and (2) steps taken to make sure it does not happen again.
  • PUR 1.40 "Application for Certification as Independent Contractor" is completed per instructions on the document AND signed by the vendor.
  • W9 (for new vendors or if the vendor address has changed).
  • Use the uShop Special Processing Form for Independent Contractors to create and submit a requisition with the PUR 1.40 and audit memo attached.