Purchasing Services

Year-End Purchasing and Quick-Ship Suggestions:

Below you will find some helpful tips for purchasing goods and services between now and the fiscal year end deadline of June 15th.

Use uShop catalogs

Use uShop catalogs - Items ordered from uShop catalogs typically have a shorter delivery time. Items tagged "Check for Availability" and/or"Call for Availability" usually have longer delivery times. Proceed cautiously.

License Renewals

The end of the year is an excellent time to renew licenses of all types. When using general funds caution should be taken to pay for any license only once per fiscal year.

Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Studio and Non-Creative Cloud Adobe Software licenses ordered through uShop by May 25th should be completed by the June 15th deadline. See ordering information and instructions at:



Supplies typically have shorter lead times than equipment or other types of purchases.


Due to the ordering and delivery times involved, furniture ordered after May 4th, cannot be guaranteed to arrive by the year-end deadline.

If you have an questions, please contact Antoine Glasper (962-3850) or Starkey McGowan (962-3157).


Computers and computer related equipment should be ordered by May 25th. Due to ordering and delivery times, items ordered after May 25th cannot be certain to arrive by the year-end deadline.

This includes but is not limited to:

Dell standard configuration

Apple - standard configuration


Surface Pro Tablets