Department of Psychology

Interdisciplinary Minor

In addition to a traditional minor in psychology, UNCW students can also earn an interdisciplinary (interdepartmental) minor that has a psychology component. Listed below are the current interdisciplinary minors which are offered through the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis and Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities Minor 

    [Special Note for the 2019/20 academic year:  Due to changes in the Special Education curriculum, some of the courses previously required for the ABA minor are no longer offered.  Refer to this modified course structure for suggested substitutions.]

  • Forensic Science Minor
  • Neuroscience Minor
  • Women's and Gender Studies Minor

For more information on the interdisciplinary minors listed above, please go to the UNCW Academic Catalogue [once there, switch to the Undergraduate Catalogue if necessary, then use the search box (top left) to search for the exact name of the minor as given above].